Qatar National Research and Education Network (QNREN)

Communication Infrastructure

Communication Infrastructure

Data transmissions represent the main requirement for solving tasks in many fields. Basic component of e-infrastructure is therefore a powerful network that can reliably support outstanding requirements concerning volume or qualitative parameters of data transmissions. QNREN backbone infrastructure is targeting the following characteristics:

  • fast – transmission rate in order of tens of Gbps,
  • flexible – besides standard Internet type communication, it can offer special transmission services “customized” for demanding applications,
  • large – to cover all universities and research institutions in Qatar,
  • reliable – due to high level of redundancy, quality components and non-stop management

Optical network

At the physical layer, the communication infrastructure is built on optical fibers that allow the highest possible transmission rates.

QNREN is internationally connected via Netherlight, a GLIF Open LightPath Exchange. From there QNREN is able to connect to the European backbone for science, research, and education GÉANT, American REN (Internet2) and other Research & Education (R&E) networks.

High level diagram of the existing network can be found below.