Qatar National Research and Education Network (QNREN)

About Us


Inspired by the Qatar National Vision for 2030, QNREN aspires to contribute to the building of a knowledge-based society by creating a communication infrastructure dedicated to Research and Education.


Qatar National Research and Education Network (“QNREN“) is an independent, government-supported initiative, built based on international standards and best practices that will serve all Research and Education stakeholders in the State of Qatar.

QNREN focus is on creating a high-speed/high-bandwidth and low latency national network backbone with international connectivity to other national research and education networks in the world. Access to this dedicated network will be granted to any education and research institutions that comply with established standards.

The organization will provide services that enhance collaboration of research and education in Qatar and the region according to the needs.


The Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (“MICT Qatar”) commissioned Qatar University (the largest Government owned University), to initiate the project and build the first major components for the Qatar National Research and Education Network (“QNREN”).

The Governance and activities will be supervised by MICT Qatar but the services and the use of the network will be controlled by a Management Commitee that will be established with collaboration of the stakeholders.